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If you are looking for a reliable web development company for your next project, Hire Experts like us. Our expert team members provide the best services for your organization.

  • Nowadays, online marketing and business, even websites of Your business, play a very important role for your business growth. We are here to build your ideas, concepts and goals in reality through a website.

  • We have a dedicated team of professional designers and developers, creating powerful and engaging websites.

  • We provide Outsourcing Software Development Services and our offshore web developers help you understand the functionality of screen resolution and design web pages keeping the look and feel of the website intact.

  • We believe that a good online presence starts with a great website and it goes without saying that the majority of online experiences begin with your website.

  • We develop great Wordpress, Magento and custom eCommerce solutions, thus helping businesses to scale, grow, and develop.

  • Our team also experts in employing various frameworks created for the development of static and dynamic websites keeping in mind your budget provisions.

  • Our e-commerce website development solution helps deliver a comprehensive and effective e-business strategy, products and marketing tactics, design and usability, technology, and security.


Planning & Strategy

To maximize the outreach of our clients with the website development and investment, it is important to undergo a detailed market analysis, study the target audiences, business objectives and develop an integrated strategy.

Our highly expert web professionals dedicated work with the clients to understand their business goals and opportunities on the web.

After a thorough analysis, we educate our clients about the ongoing digital trends and metrics of success with website development for the targeted niche. The end result is a valuable strategy and planning to map the custom website development process and business goals in line.

Planning & Strategy


Scope & Clarification

Scope & Clarification

Our next objective is to pinpoint online goals and extend the strategic plan into a comprehensive business scope to succeed in web development.

We offer clear plans to work in phases of development to ensure the project follows the client’s requirements and budget. The bottom line is, we draw a roadmap to achieve your website development objectives before beginning the development process.


UI/UX Design and Prototyping

The very first thing that attracts a new visitor and allows holding back to browse more is the look and feel of it. We have hired a professional UI/UX team to deliver creative wireframe design and prototypes before we kick-off the development procedure.

Our design team incorporates premium wireframe tools for drawing highly- interactive and domain-specific UI UX to capture the user’s attention and boost website traffic.

UI UX Design and Prototyping


Database Design

Database Design

The organized database of your business allows you to easily update and find accurate information. One of the most important yet ignored tasks in the stages of web development is Database Design.

Way To Code properly follows the industry-standard principles of database design and accommodates the right database model to fetch information from the web application.


Website Development

This is the most crucial step in the entire phase of website development. It involves every bit from developing code to optimization.

Our team of web developers focuses on the program elements like version, page code, title, metatags, snippet, and page description to the website’s optimal efficiency and page performance on the search engine. The goal for code optimization is to follow the guidelines of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and make the site faster, responsive, and interactive with necessary code scripting.

Website Development


QA/AT Testing & Report

QA/AT Testing & Report

Before the delivery of the project and final launch, Quality Assurance is the testing process to ensure whether the product fulfills the imperative list of features and requirements.

Way To Code has hired a team to conduct the step-by-step QA process that includes product performance analysis, bug reporting, design testing, functionality testing, and monitor the process of QA/AT testing.



Our team undergoes three stages for the final website launch namely: Testing Launch ,Website Staging Launch ,Product Launch

In the Testing launch, we allow a specific set of the intended audience to calculate the website KPIs to gain precise insights about the website and its behavior.

Website Staging Launch involves testing major features in a secure environment and undertakes the process of bug fixation if any.

The Product launch phase is a coordinated process of website promotion and campaigning, serving the purpose of the company and drive momentum across the market of the industry.



AMC (Annual maintenance contract/ Monthly/Quarterly/Annual

AMC (Annual maintenance contract/ Monthly/Quarterly/Annual

A website is never entirely done even after the launch. Any new website needs to be kept under observation to keep a tab on Google Analytics along with timely maintenance and updates.

Way To Code services offer Annual/Monthly/Quarterly Maintenance Contracts to check up on your website health & performance for keeping it fresh for the visitors. The maintenance services comprise key deliverables which are tracking website traffic, conversion rates, bug fixing to reduce bounce rates, ensure maximum uptime, quick backup, and working up to date.

Technologies We Are Used

PHP Development

We built best Wordpress, Magento and custom E-commerce website which help in your business growth.PHP is open source and easy to learn.PHP is platform independent. It will run on most of the platforms.

ASP.Net Development

We also build based websites which is latest used technology to build applications execute more quickly than interpreted scripts.It is Easier to Maintenance. It is also support Cloud-Based Web Application Development.

Java Development

Our team also works with their excellent skills to deploy various frameworks creates for web development.It is Platform Independent and portable.It will run on most of the platform.It is Object-oriented.It is Robust and secure.

Python Development

We build your ideas, concepts and goals in reality through a website. We have experienced team to build innovative websites. Python is an Open Source Language.It is Enhance speed and Productivity of the website.

ROR Development

We build website with the latest technology for you keeping with your budget.It is Simple and easy to maintain.It is Cost Effective.It is quality-based product.If you need a Ruby on Rails developer, we will select one from our team specifically for you.