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We provide students industrial training in Java, Android, IOS, Flutter, Python, Django, PHP, Angular, ROR & GO Language,Web Design, Graphics Design, Asp.Net and other programming languages. During industrial training students will gain experience of real time industrial jobs. We will aware you about the new technical things which are currently used in market.We preapre you for future jobs challenges and you can easily deal with it. We provide industrial training for Engineering students, BCA,MCA students, Diploma student,ITI computer background students and all students who are from computer science background.

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What is Java?

Java is a object-oriented,secure programming language.Java is used to develop web application, enterprise application, mobile application, desktop application,smart card system, robotics, gaming etc.Important features of java;platform independent,secured,robust,multithreaded,distributed,dynamic.

Why Java?

Java is used to create dynamic applications.Java program runs into various platforms.This programming language is used large companies as it provides security and runs on variety od platform. By using Java programming language, you build internet of things,robotics, web apps,blogging, gaming. Java is also used to develop mobile applications.

App Development

What is App Development?

App Development industrial training will give you deep understanding of android, ios app development, flutter development.Android is developed by google. Android is open source platform, gives you flexiblity to bulid apps for mobile phones.

Why Android?

Android provide frameworks to build applications,games for mobile.Android developers have bright future. Learning android wil give you to work as freelancer, you can develop your own apps and earn money from it. It has many features like best user friendly interface,connectivity to GSM, better code editor etc which make android platform more important in future.


What is PHP?

PHP is open-source scripting language.It is server side scripting language.PHP suited for web development.It is used with HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Why PHP?

PHP is used in web development. By using it we can create static & dynamic websites. It is a server side scripting language to create websites.It will interact with database. We can design website by using PHP. It is commonly used web development language in the world. It supports Oracle, MySQL,Sybase database.Heavy traffic websites built on PHP.


What is Python?

Python is a high level programming langugae.Python is used to make desktop appications,web applications, websites.It is also used in software development.Python supports wide variety of libraries like tkinter,numpy,matplotlib,pandas etc.

Why Python?

Python is the most popular programming language nowdays.Python developer has better career options in future.You can also make career as a data scientist.You also enhace your future in Machine Learning, Artificial Intellience, automation.Python is used in market rapidly due to its functionality, security.Frameworks like Django & Flask are used to make web sites.Learning python will make you career bright.


What is Asp.Net? is a part of Microsoft's frontend language.It means "Active Server Pages". is an open source web framework. Asp.Net uses C#,VB.Net,Jscript,J# languages.

Why Asp.Net? is most leading web development framework used in industry.It is used to create dynamic website. Asp.Net simply converts code into bytecode so it is better than Java. It has lots of tools for development. Asp.Net has a greate future scope.GoDaddy,Wild Tangent,Microsoft developed in Asp.Net.

Graphics Designing

What is Graphics Designing?

Graphics design is to communicate with visual contents.Graphics designing is to deal with designing, creativity.It will include logo design,brochures,business cards etc.

Why Graphics Designing?

As we know that every user focus on visual content. Designing is the main feature of every product. Graphics design jobs will increase. Graphics designer can start their own business without any investment. They will start as a freelancer.Graphic design includes logo design,banner design,invitations cards,flyer,photo editing,advertising & promoting products.

Software Testing

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is to check your results and compare it with expected results. To test the software defects,define it and solve it. Software testing is to check your product's efficiency, accuracy, performance. Software testing will be done through many phases. We provide automation & manual testing with java & python language. We give you training on software testing and also to work on live projects so that you will gain real time experience.